Meet Triscolor

New Edition
of Tetris game.

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About the Game

Triscolor - an exciting classic tetris-like puzzle game with vibrant colors! It was very popular in 90s, due to its simple and amazing gameplay.

The main difference between Triscolor and the classic Tetris is the use of blocks of different colors. This adds a new level of difficulty to the game, as you will need to carefully plan and strategically place the blocks on the field to create combinations of single-color lines.


Easy to learn, fun to master

Join this simple and addictive game where your goal is to connect three or more squares of the same color. Rearrange and combine squares of the same color in horizontal or vertical lines to make them disappear, clearing space for new squares.

Minimalistic design

When creating this game, we aimed to create a design that is as simple and concise as possible, so that nothing distracts you from enjoying the game.

Two game modes: "Classic" and "Endless"

Choose the game mode that you like the most.

Easy controls

Tap to rotate a shape, swipe down or press button below the game field to drop.

App Screenshots

Download and Enjoy!

If you're a fan of Tetris and want to try a new variation of the game, give Triscolor a try! Paint your time with vibrant colors in this captivating puzzle!